Hi, I'm Robyn Marie, I'm the person behind feather paper and here I am to share some stuff about me. I'm originally from the UK but have lived in Liberia, France, Egypt and now Dubai (where I've been for about ten years now).   

I would say there are two very different sides to me. One is creative and a bit of a dreamer, the other is very rational and a bit of a warrior. As a child I spent many hours making things from what I could find around the house - my mum's button box entertained me on many rainy weekends. I loved midsummer evenings and was convinced I could find the toad stall that would take me to the flower fairy kingdom if I just searched my garden hard enough. When I wasn't being a dreamer, I was being a warrior. I organised neighbourhood bike races, played games of cowboys and robbers and made secret dens from wooden crates. My childhood motto was 'anything boys can do, girls can do better'.

As an adult I am still a bit of a dreamer. I notice small beautiful details, especially those in nature. I also love a challenge or a problem to solve which is why I am a construction lawyer.


I first took up dip pen calligraphy in 2014. We had a very intimate wedding, on the beach of a boutique hotel in Sri Lanka. As we were asking many of the guests to travel far, I wanted the invitations to be like a lovingly prepared gift that captured the colours, smell and emotion of this little piece of paradise we had found.


Idealistic, a recovering perfectionist, impatient, a feminist, forever learning, a warrior, a dreamer, messy, part INTJ part INFJ, privileged


Love, stamina, a degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies and an MA in Islamic Law, buckets of gratitude, joy, today, my health (although that hasn't always been the case).



Watching the sunrise over a cup of coffee, cats, the desert, Dubai, the sun, swimming, tinkering, a challenge, essential oils, flowers, sleep, wine, new cultures, beautiful things, my husband (obvious but true).


Nature, honesty, the fact that we can do hard things, integrity, self compassion, life long learning, standing strong, intuition, play and laughter.

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